Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chicken Cobb Salad

So my husband tells me that he wanted salad every day this week. EVERY DAY? So I thought, if I make a HUGE salad the first day . . . maybe he won't want it every day. Mission accomplished :)
Chicken Cobb Salad


Lettuce of choice (I went quick style so I picked up a mixed salad bag)
Grilled Chicken
3 Hard Boiled Eggs
Sliced Olives
Diced Tomatoes
Avacado cubed
Diced cucumbers
Cheese of choice (my husband went for the Feta, and I went for the mixed cheeses)
Sliced Almonds
Dressing of choice

There was so much flavor coming from the veggies that I chose to salt and pepper the chicken then grill it. Leaving the veggies and the dressing to flavor the meal. (and that was plenty!)

While that was grilling, I filled up two pasta bowls with the salad mix and started on my veggies.
The eggs were hard boiled (and my Mom tells me that the best way to hard boil is to just put them in the pan, with water covering the eggs, lid it, and put on the stove Med-High heat for 20 minutes TOTAL. When the timer goes off, drench in cold water and peel eggs. Perfection). I sliced the eggs with my handy dandy slicer.

The Avacado was at the perfect ripening stage! Slice it in half around the pit, once the pit is removed; carefully slice down making strips. Then turn the avocado and slice the opposite direction. If you do it this way; it will make perfect cubes of avocado and you will avoid the slippery consistency while cutting it up. When you are ready to place into the salad, gently press on the shell of the avocado and with a spoon you can place it right into place.

So when all of the veggies are prepared, you can start to load up your salad. You can make it pretty in lines or sections. Or you can just toss it all in a bowl and fill up each person's serving. There are so many more items you can add to the salad. Put whatever you like in your salad and make it as big and plentiful as your heart desires :)

I thought this was a great meal to end the summer. Here in West Virginia, the weather is still in the high 90's so eating on the deck/porch with a beautiful salad really hit the spot! But after eating that big of a salad, I'm also ready for crock pot season to come upon us.

Kid friendly you say . . . Nothing more kid friendly than a little girl eating her dinner made into a funny face. And she LOVED it! Ate it all.

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  1. This is a great idea! the pics are awesome! I could use your recipes the next day when i don't know what to fix! Sometime I will document a recipe for your site if you want :) Mom