Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fat Tuesdays . . .

Gladys Hardy, is this 88 year old woman that appears through phone calls on the Ellen show. She has a CD out, "Gladys Hardy" of commentaries that she does. I highly suggest it! One of her commentaries is about Mondays, and how everyone should just leave Monday alone and stop picking on it. She continues with Fridays are the favorites because people get paid and "big brother Saturday" takes care of that pay check. Within the piece, she speaks of how Tuesdays have gained weight therefore they're called "Fat Tuesdays" (Mardi Gras for those of you that don't get that). Lately, this is so true in my life.

There are two women from my church that I greatly enjoy getting together with! Whether it be for support, advice, hanging out, and the occasional necessary venting; we meet at IHOP. I believe the calorie intake I have in that one meal is the level I usually have in an entire days food allowance. Tonight I tried these Strawberry cheesecake pancakes. Sinful, which enables the official title of Fat Tuesdays! IHOP should seriously come out with a better "low calorie" menu. Their low calorie menu right now consists of egg beaters or smaller versions of other items available. Next week maybe I'll just order a side of fruit. I guess Fat Tuesdays are really meant for over indulgence on the unnecessary things in life and in this instance, in this circumstance, it is perfectly entitled.

Having had surgery for my ankle in October and still recovering; Zoe and I are able to spend all our days together. I've never really felt a remorse about things, except for the sins I've done. Being able to spend my days with her make me feel really guilty for the level of committment I gave to my previous work. On many, many occassions putting my profession before being a mother. I mean, I went back to work not even 2 weeks after having her because the demand was needed. I pray, may God send a job to me that I can have in place my priorities properly! God first, family, then work.

Indulgences come in many ways, some through food or drinking, others through their level of work, committment to sports, television, video gaming, etc. I will continue to work on ensuring the choices I make don't evolve into a Fat Tuesday type of experience. The proper balance and dosage amount is key . . . may we all find that in all we do and keep Fat Tuesday to its celebration during Mardi Gras.