Monday, September 26, 2011

BBQ Turkey Apple Bacon BLT

Looking into my pantry I saw loads of sandwich bread! Either it was on sale buy one get one free so I stocked up (which I usually freeze one) or I probably just bought bread every time I went to the grocery this week not realizing we had plenty. I decided it was time to use up some bread and go for a double decker sandwich for dinner!

BBQ Turkey Apple Bacon BLT

Turkey Bacon cooked
Turkey meat (I used deli style meat)
Sliced Tomato
Three pieces of toast (per sandwich)
Mayo (1/4 cup)
BBQ Sauce (1/4 cup)
Sliced Avocado pieces
Thinly sliced apple pieces ( I used Gala apples)


Prepare all veggies before you toast the bread! If not, the toast will get too hard.

When I make bacon, I ALWAYS put it in the oven! I never have to fight the splatter of grease onto my clothes or my little one! Plus the bacon comes out nice and flat; picture perfect! I use a cookie sheet, put the rack in it and then place the bacon nice and flat on top. This time I decided to try and flavor the bacon a bit more (since I accidentally bought the normal flavor and not the apple smoked) by placing apples underneath the bacon (it didn't work so if you have an idea let me know). I bake the bacon on 425 for about 15 minutes. I check it after about 10 minutes and usually flip it then. I have a gas oven and she's a beaut! So my cooking time may vary from other ovens.

To make BBQ mayo, you need to just have equal amounts of BBQ and Mayo. This is one of my husband’s favorite spreads. And each time I do it he always comments on how much he likes it. Put even amounts into a bowl and mix together. I usually set this in the fridge and allow the flavors to combine together while also keeping the mayo at the perfect temperature!

When all veggies are cut; toast the bread. Spread with the BBQ mayo on each piece of toast.

Stack your sandwich like this (Bottom to top)

BBQ Mayo
Turkey Deli Meat
Sliced apple pieces
Sliced avocado pieces
BBQ Mayo
BBQ Mayo

I served this easy sandwich with homemade BBQ potato chips and a pickle. The sandwich was so big that we were all quite filled up. Zoe LOVED trying to sink her teeth into her double decker sandwich but finally gave up and dissected it into her own bite size pieces.

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