Sunday, September 16, 2012


We've all heard of and are most likely participating (if you're a lady in touch with the electronic world at least) of the wonderful site Pinterest!  We all "pin" these wonderful ideas of projects, food items, word creations, and well basically everything!  Usually we as women are just looking for a reason to make one of these creations and I've found a way!

You're invited to a "PINTERESTing Party"

Who:  Any person you want to invite and have a wonderful time trying recipes and making a project.

What:  Each person invited will make a Pinterest inspired recipe.  Something they saw on the site that they're looking forward to making, print off the recipe and attach it to a recipe card.   AND have a craft ready to prepare.  (idea:  each person can bring something toward the craft that is needed).  LASTLY, if the people invited have created a craft from the site, they can bring it along to share!

Where:  Wherever you want to hold it.

Why:  I think we already discussed this :)

How to make it work:

Lay your food out.  Once people arrive and its time to eat, allow each person to talk about what they made and the difficulty in it or anything else they want to share.

This is a picture of a wonderful centerpiece one of the ladies made. I love the organicness of it!

While sitting around snacking on the wonderful food creations, share one of the inspired craft projects that people brought to show off.  This is a great time to get inspired and even make a craft that interests you.

Finally when it is the host's turn to share what she brought (I went last) showcase the craft that you will be making.  We made these awesome Coasters.  Since the party went longer than expected, that last stage of spraying on acrylic had to get done and dry which gave me the chance to put them together in a cute way.

Do you love the idea?  Do you want to try it yourself?  What are some ways that you would change it or improve it?  I love making things better!