Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Learning letters

Sometimes my wonderful husband comes home from work and says "What did you do today?"  And although to some stay at home moms (SAHM) they would find this really demeaning (that has only happened once to me) my husband knows we're always busy with something fun, creative, and a learning opportunity.

Since our oldest is now 3 1/2 we're working on letters, in so many different ways  And with all 3 year olds, my daughter strives for hands on activities.  Manipulatives are much needed in our learning activities!

Today I used one of the Leap Frog's Letter Factory tools to help out.

Two minutes of prep work, and at least 30 - 45 minutes of fun and learning!

**side note**  I reuse old wipee containers, wash them out, and label them with everything from toy cars, My Little Ponies, and obviously our magnetic letters.  It's the best way to keep track of all those pieces without losing a letter or having a disaster all over my house.  I keep them organized on a shelf.  Our system works great as we've taught her how to care for them.  Now the challenge is to teach our visiting friends to learn the same concept so I don't spend an afternoon after a play date reorganizing them.

I taped a piece of construction paper onto a metal cookie sheet.  Writing letters with a sharpie on the construction paper.  Then I opened up the box of magnetic letters to have my little one match the letters to each other.

With this activity, when she was done matching I spent time asking more questions to involve more thinking and learning.  Here are some of the questions I asked my little one.

  1. How many blue letters there did you use?  Red?  Yellow?  Green?
  2. Which color has the most letters on the board?
  3. Can you show me a letter that has a curve in the shape?
  4. Can you find the letter "L" and tell me what color it is?  Trace the letter with your finger.
  5. What kind of pattern can we make with our letters?
  6. Can you spell your name with the letters on our board?  If not, what letters are missing?
There are loads of more activities we do with things like this, what do you do with your little one to teach letters?  Colors?  Etc.? 

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