Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great poses

The other day a close friend asked me what my favorite poses have been with my kids.  Poses as in picture poses.  You see, one thing people can notice of our family is I really enjoy getting pictures taken of my little ones.
We moved to the West Virginia area almost 2 years ago from Northern Virginia where I lived for most of my life, and since moving here we found one of the sweetest and most kind spirited people when a friend suggested Miss Melanie with Three Turtles Photography.  So since meeting Miss Melanie (who by the way runs her own private pre school) we have done my daughter's 3 year old pictures, maternity pics, and my son's infant shots.  Here is a collection of photos that I have loved the most from her shoots.

The first is the time my son was born, 9:25.  It took some time to find a clock that would actually work.  You know, something big enough but won't break with his weight on it or won't hurt him because of spikey pieces all over it.  We ended up finding this one at Kirkland's and its perfect because we now use it in our living room!

One of the things that I love about her work is that she takes some of the best shots in our natural moments.  Our son had colic for a few weeks (thank goodness only a few weeks) and this was during a challenging moment we had during the shoot.

My husband was raised in Detroit, therefore he's a Detroit Tigers fan.  This was a picture that we our son's name on the baseball (which now sits in his bedroom on a stand) "teamed" with his The Detroit Tiger's hat and my husband's baby blanket (that is now my son's blanket).  We ended up using this one on his birth announcements.

Now this one is one of my favorites!  My big belly and our little bean on her tippy toes reaching to give the belly a kiss.  This one we put onto a canvas and hangs in our front room (I'll have to post a picture one day of that room and the pictures as we get a lot of compliments on the setting).

I used this one on cards I had specially made to send thank you notes to some close friends.  This one just captures the natural beauty of being outdoors and pregnancy.

I spent some time in our driveway with my daughter's chalk and got this done right before she came to the house.  I loved the outcome!  I did try a shot with me laying down "holding" the balloons but I looked like a beached whale, it wasn't cute!  ha ha

 Finally this is a shot of my daughter just being her joyful self laughing, and Miss Melanie always catches great things!

So bottom line, in answering my friend's question, some of my favorite shots are both naturally taken and slightly posed.  The ones I do love the most are ones that Miss Melanie took and that capture the true meaning of each member of our family in our moments.

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