Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Hand Picture

Family Hand Picture

This was one of the first "pins" I decided to do and found it here:

Original Pin:
Framed Family Handprints {Crafts for Fathers Day}

My adjusted project:

Adjustments made:
  • Instead of using a marker or other utensil to write the name of the family and personalized year, I simply typed it up on the computer and printed it out.
  • I also made a frame around our hand prints with additional scrapbook paper to create a "set in look" instead of purchasing the more expensive double matted frame.
  • For one of the hand prints, I used the "I Love You" symbol. My daughter really loves going to the picture and attempting to make the symbol and she's almost mastered it without having to hold down fingers with the other hand.
Would I do this again?
  • Yes, I think its such a cute addition to our family wall of pictures and as our family grows with #2 arriving in July we'll have to add another hand to it soon. I'll probably take this one out and save it in my daughter's scrapbook so she can remember the special time we spent making it.
I like how you can personalize it and allow each person who has a hand in the picture choose their own scrap book paper or something they want their hand on. I think the next time we do it since my husband enjoys reading so much maybe his hand will be on a page from a book or newspaper and I would have something with baking on the paper, etc. I would need to find a way to make them all collide together and not look like a stampede of craziness.

Enjoy! If you create one, please share a pic. Would LOVE to see it!

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